About Charley

Over 35 years of experience working in accounting, as a stockbroker, and providing financial services to retirees and others has equipped me to help you find solutions for your unique situation. 

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How I Help

My primary job is to educate both clients and prospects about insurance products and how each may be of benefit in their retirement income plans. Read more about my services  here ›

Financial lessons learned from a series of tragic events

The loss or severe injury of a loved one can have tremendous emotional-- and financial-- consequences. I can vouch for this and would never want you or your family to go down the same path. The learnings from personal tragedies in my own life have equipped me to provide you with sound advice to navigate the financial challenges associated with dreaded events. 

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a valuable asset which can be used to replace the income when a person passes away.  Life insurance also has Living Benefits, such as: emergency source of funds, benefits for critical illness or terminal illness situations and for supplemental retirement income.


Annuities can be an integral part of one’s financial program, especially in their use for generating a retirement income stream. 
There are three types of annuities:  Immediate, Fixed and Fixed Indexed annuities.  Each has different features and uses.


A Moment to Consider...

  • Are you concerned about outliving your money in your retirement years?
  • Is your current advisor still working with an 'Accumulation’ strategy or has he or she developed a plan to provide a ‘Retirement Income Stream’ for you?
  • Has your advisor discussed your 'Lazy Money' with you?
  • Have you thought about what your ‘Payroll Check’ will look like in retirement?
  • Are you planning your retirement from a pre-planning approach or are you waiting for retirement to arrive and then reacting to what you need to do?
  • Does your retirement plan include IRS Section 7702 assets?
  • Does your retirement plan include LIRP assets?
  • Have you reviewed all of your beneficiary designations recently?